Taste Indian food- 🥘

Discover and taste exciting curries, flavoursome dishes and learn about spices and Indian cuisine. This tour is catered for all tastes and people, whether you are a seasoned curry fan and like them hot or new to this type of food and need an introduction to the varied tastes. Either way, we will show you a large variety of dishes from the Indian subcontinent, give you samples of authentic Indian sweets and savouries, inform you of the multitude of spices that make up Indian cooking, and take you off the beaten track for a truly authentic experience. There’s a lot of food, so come hungry!
The land of Rajasthan is a paradise for foodies out there. Rajasthani cuisine is among those rare cuisines boasting of a never-ending platter with a plethora of dishes; ranging from tangy drinks to spicy starters, mouth-watering sabzis and crunchy bread along with added delights of chutneys, achars, papad and chhach. Not to forget the delicate desserts and rich crunchy delights that melt in your mouth instantly!
Rajasthan Food Food Origins and Common Ingredients
Rajasthani cuisine is influenced by its rich heritage and arid climatic conditions. The little availability of fresh fruits and vegetables distinguishes their cuisine. A few common ingredients are beans, lentils, gram flour, corn, barley, millet, bajra, bread and dairy products (esp. Ghee). There is more inclination towards vegetarian food, but various kinds of meat dishes prevail as well.

•  Taste the delights of famous street food
•  Discover thousands of flavors and aroma of Indian spices.
•  Get to know about the origins of history of each dishes and its significance in the history.