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Explore a wide variety of cuisines of India in its kitchens, know what you are eating and learn to cook Indian meals on your next holidays to this heritage land-Jaipur. Indian cooking involves a simple process to prepare any meal, mostly steaming, barbequing, and boiling. Rajasthani cuisine is an art form, which is unique in itself. It is influenced by many factors that make it distinct from other cuisines. And, the best possible way to experience the various influences on the cuisine is to indulge yourself in preparing. It will be an unforgettable memory for you!!
Indulge in this one of a kind private cooking classes in the Pink City to learn an authentic cooking style at a local home. The classes cover both classic dishes and local Rajasthani menus which can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
You can choose from:Cooking classes followed by dinner(Cooking + Dinner)In this, you will learn the method of preparation of Indian meals with some popular dishes. And after that, fill your tummy with a mouthwatering dinner. This will be an amazing and unique experience for culinary enthusiasts.Time Duration- 2 to 2.5 hours
From sourcing to plating(Cooking + Dinner + Market Visit)Visit the local market to collect spices and vegetables and return home with the raw material. After that, light up the Charcoal Tandoor and Indian Chulha made up of clay for cooking delicious dishes on these two things. You will feel the difference by smelling the flavor of the smoke of charcoal and wood, which are absorbed by the food. Also, you can learn the use of different spices in food and about their medical benefits. Later on, enjoy it at dinner.Time Duration- 3 to 3.5 hours
From sourcing to plating(Cooking + Dinner + Market Visit ) (Including Indian Liquor/beer or wine)This will include the market visit to collect the ingredients and cook the food on your own. After preparing the food, enjoy dinner with a glass of Indian beer or wine. Time Duration- 3 to 3.5 hours
Only dinner with the family Enjoy dinner with a local family that included authentic Rajasthani cuisine followed by drinks and sweets. Time Duration- 2 to 2.5 hours
Menu for veg/non-veg Indian thali cooking demo and dinner:Starter/Welcome drink- Traditional Indian drink- Cold drink, Lime juice or Rose, Khus or other Indian flavors Sharbat. Hot drink – Tomato or Mix veg soup. Starters- Onion, Potato, Cauliflower, Spinach, Lentils, Peas – Pakoras (fritters) or Potato Balls or Mini Samosa or Chicken Tikka or Fish Tikka. Main course- Daal (Lentil) – Mix daal includes different varieties of daal cooked together with different styles like – Daal Fry, Daal Tadka, and Daal Makhni. Chicken in Gravy- Kadhai Chicken or Handi Chicken. Vegetable in Gravy(any 1) – Panner (Cottage cheese), Gatta, Rajma (Red Kidney Beans) or seasonal Green vegetables. Vegetable Dry(any 1) – Mix Vegetables, Seasonal vegetables. Rice- Plain Rice or Jeera Rice or Veg Pulav.Curd- Boondi Raita, Pickle, Vegetable Salad, lahsun and coriander leaves chatni.
Indian Bread- Tawa Chapatti or Parantha or Puri or Corn flour bread. Sweets- Suji and Wheat Flour Halwa or Kheer or Gunjiyan or sewaiyaan.