Camel Ride -🐪

Camels are unique in that they have their own personality and show it. Camels have a wide range of facial expressions, this is part of what makes them so special and lovable. There are many reasons to love camel riding and most of them include the camel itself! This chilled out animal is quite social and can travel a lot faster than you might think. Camel riding is not only fun but easy and suitable for all people!
Riding camels is also a fantastic way to strengthen legs and core, although it is not a direct exercise method it still manages to keep your muscles engaged. Long camel rides might even make you aware of muscle groups you never knew you had!
If you love engaging and forming a tight bond with animals than you will love camel riding. It is an activity that grounds you and reminds you to value all living creatures, it is also a wonderful way to enjoy nature’s breathtaking scenery. You get to sight see while getting rocked along the ride…what could be better than that? The camel’s height allows you to see from a different perspective. Enjoying amazing views while swaying from side to side is a marvellous way to relax as well! Just make sure to lean backwards during take-off and landing, these are the only tricky parts, you don’t want to end up with your head face first on a ground with a mouthful of sand. Other than that, we suggest you lean back and enjoy the camel ride, it will push you into the moment and try to keep you there.